Hey people !

I can see in your eyes that you're sad. You're alone, desperate. You don't want to pass your Valentine's day alone crying all day in your bed ?

We have a solution for you ! It's brilliant ! It's awesome ! And it's for free !

It's the Find your second Half party !

You finished half of your alcohol, and you lost the bottle ? Then come at Play Bar, your second half should be there !

You are alone, and you're seeking for someone to giveaway all the love you keep inside you ? This person can only be in the Play Bar !

In order to help the (too drunk) persons to recognise the other half, we'll provide you colorful bracelets ! AMAZING !

BLUE : I'm alone and desperate, LOVE ME !

YELLOW : I'm not really alone, but still open for someone else. The more we are the funnier it get right ?

RED : If you don't want my 2 meter tall kick boxer boyfriend to turn your bones into mash, you better be careful with me.

RAINBOW : I smoke illegal stuff everyday

NO BRACELETS : Bracelets ? Which bracelets ? Stop saying stupid things and give me another beer.

ALSO, we are happy to tell you that you'll be provided a 20% discount on everything (Except whiskey), that means that the cheaper beer will be 30kr ! Awesome isn't it ?

So, spread love, have fun, and see you there !

Bye ♥