Are you arriving soon to Karlskrona? And you need a place to stay?

This page regroups all the useful information for your research. laugh

BTH do not provide accommodation!! Therefore, ESN BTH would like to advise you to search for one as soon as you get admission from the university. It can be hard to believe but the housing situation in Sweden is very difficult and the sooner you look for a place to stay the higher your chances are to find something.

Compared to other Swedish towns, living in Karlskrona is slightly less expensive. But as there is a housing crisis, house rents might be high. The price range varies from 2500 SEK to 5000 SEK. Generally, in Karlskrona all the student dormitories, student apartments and private houses cost the same for one person to stay. Below, you can find more information about housing in Karlskrona.

Private Housing

Karlskonahem AB

The main private company in town with their own buildings. They have two kinds of accommodations student and private. Student accommodation includes furniture like bed, desk, chairs, and cupboards, internet via ethernet,  electricity,heat and water. Private type does not include all this list.
Karlskronahem has an online website where they list the vacant houses. You need to register and apply for them individually. They are allotted in the first-apply-first-serve. Usually, they update offers between 10:00 and 15:00 Swedish Time.


Tip: Apply to the offers as early as possible during the day and your place on the waiting list will be close to the top.


A private company that has student apartments right next to BTH. 



Vita briggen

An old jail turned into a dormitory, located in the centre and really close to the university. They offer you semester packages if you want to stay longer.

Hansa Ship

Another dormitory close to the jail, a ship renovated to welcome students. You need to contact them for accommodation and price details.

Other sites


It’s a popular classifieds website. Most of the house owners in Karlskrona list houses on this site.  You can look for "Hyre Bostad". Most of the offers are in Swedish but you can send emails in English.

Tip: Be careful with scams, do not send money prior to your arrival.

Some more housing classifieds for students.


A popular site for House owners. They list all the first-hand and second-hand apartments for rent.


Also, you can find more up-to-date information at the Karlskrona municipality website and the Blekinge Student Union website. On Facebook, several groups exist for accommodation such as this Page.  As for Blocket, be aware of the scams on this group. 

If you still cannot find a room,  you can also look into another city close to Karlskrona. For example, in Ronneby. There is a train for every one hour and you can reach the city in 30 min. You can visit this link for more info: Ronneby municipality website.

And in case you arrive without an accommodation waiting for you, you can stay at the hostel or youth hostel for a while. Several hostels are listed on In Swedish, youth hostels are often called as "Vandrarhem".
For those who are arriving after Karlskronahem is closed, we can pick up your keys. Just contact us for more details about it. laugh

If you have any questions or need any help, just ask us! We are happy to help you.

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Note:  Be aware that there are always some fraud posts on the Facebook and Blocket. You all may know the following advices but it does not harm to repeat them. Do not send money via Western Union or by post, even with Paypal. Posts with renting prices in Euros are most likely scams, in Sweden we use the Swedish kronor (SEK or “:-”). Always request a receipt if you have to pay in exceptional cases. If the person does not reply or does not want to send pictures, be careful. We do not want you to start the semester with a bad experience. For more tips to avoid fraudsters, we recommend this link.

Good luck and Welcome to Karlskrona!!