Nykterhetsrörelsens bildningsverksamhet, The Educational Association of the sobriety movement, a study circle association working with non-formal adult education, welcomes everyone regardless of their religion and political belief. NBV informs, lectures and arranges study circles.

The goal is to help people to learn and to grow as individuals. We believe that change is crucial for a society’s well being.

NBV has taken a stand, we want to be a force of change in the society. We offer dynamic perspectives. Our activity is broad, with study circles about everything from the internet to lifestyle issues.The NBV is a part of the sobriety movement in Sweden and therefore works for a world free from alcohol and other drugs.

Meetings and exchanges of knowledge
In order to have an open mind towards those who are different from oneself, knowledge is crucial. NBV offers a meeting ground for people to exchange views, experiences and knowledge. NBV brings people together and bases it’s education of people on tolerance and a respect for the fact that everybody is different. NBV also encourages individual thinking.

NBV believes that all people are equal in value and should have equal rights to influence, no matter of which religion they admit to nor where they are from.

Member organizations
NBV consists of 20 member organization, all working for sobriety but each of them with a different perspective and different methods. Some of the organizations focus on youth, other on different professions and some is open for everyone who wishes to join.

Non formal adult education - study circles
The study circle is the most powerful tool of NBV. Inspired by our study materials, a film or each other the participants can come to new insights thanks to lively discussions and reflection.

Four main issues
NBV is a part of the Swedish sobriety movement and deals a lot with sobriety and drug issues but also with others. The work is divided between four main issues.

Alcohol and other drugs
In a society where the alcohol consumption is way too high and too many have tested narcotics and have experienced addiction and abuse, NBV offers study circles, lectures and other activities about alcohol and other drugs. Our goal is a society free from alcohol and other drugs, curiosity about the sobriety movement and more drug free places.

Public health
Too many people are suffering from lives filled with stress. We have to learn how to find the way to a healthy life, to break old patterns and to appreciate life. NBV strives to activate both body and brain.

Our organization is built upon meetings of people. By discussions about other cultures and experiences we are given new perspectives on ordinary things in our everyday life. Integration is not about differences, it’s about building bridges between people, cultures and religions. NBV want to be a part of those meetings and contribute to equal opportunities for everyone!

NBV thinks globally but act locally with a range of different projects, like for example ”Democracy throughout the world”, ”A world of forest” and ”water”.

In a world of globalization NBV wants to focus on people, culture and politics around the world. NBV also wishes to influence the European Union. With an office in Brussels we are there where the decisions are made. To influence we want to create alliances with others who share our goals and we discuss with the decisions makers about our main issues. At the office we receive groups from Sweden wanting to learn more about the EU. We can arrange group meetings with politicians and we have an assistant stationed there to represent NBV and the Swedish sobriety movement on different meetings and gatherings.